A student review of latest box office and Oscar-nominated hit Get Out

A satirical take on the racial imbalance in the United States, Get Out is an unexpected hit from new director Jordan Peele. Chris, played by Daniel Kaluuya, travels from his African American community to a white suburban neighborhood to meet his girlfriend’s family. He soon realizes that the family has some twisted games in store for him. Although

Photo: Get Out Film

many critics expected this narrative to be cliche and a cheap attempt at a thriller, the film brings a fresh take to the tired horror genre.

After the ridiculous comedy central series “Key and Peele’, many believed that Jordan Peele would not be able to direct a serious thriller. Although the movie has much needed and very well done inserts or comic relief, this does not take away from the fright factor. Peele was able to use his experience in comedy to create the perfect roller coaster of emotions. This film evoked equal outbursts of laughing and screaming within theaters. The narrative of an African American man being trapped in a white neighborhood walked a lin line between cheesy and realistic, but the talented cast and director were able to capture a sense that this very horror story might be happening somewhere in the United States today.

With brilliant acting all around, especially from Allison Williams who plays the girlfriend of Chris, the cast makes up a seemingly normal, wealthy, and welcoming family. With a slightly dysfunctional brother, an embarrassing father who makes bad dad jokes, and a warm embracing mother, the family seems wholesome. The film is extremely lighthearted during the first half, using satire and abundant stereotypical racial comedy to point out the comical ignorance of the white folks of the neighborhood. The storyline is reminiscent of a classic rom-com, and most people watching become invested in the love between Chris and his girlfriend, and his attempt to fit into the family. Because the plot keeps the viewer’s attention on Chris trying to fit into the happy family, it is a major surprise when things get dark. Betrayals and horrifying reveals make viewers think “How did I not see that coming?!” This writer hasn’t been so emotionally invested in a movie yet this year.

This writer even watched the movie over for a second time, and was able to appreciate it even further. The script is riddled with little clues here and there that seem completely obvious after you know the essential twist of the story. Being able to enjoy watching a movie twice in the same week is usually difficult, however for this movie this writer would go as far as to say that it is necessary. Far surpassing other horror movies that have made their debut this year, such as Split, Get Out is a must see. This film will keep you crying with laughter and on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

Written by Savannah Zachaula-et-hc-get-out-horror-peele-20161004-snap.jpg

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