Which warm beverages do SLV students prefer during the cold winter months?

During the cold times of winter, hot drinks are something that are very popular. Whether it’s hot cocoa, tea, chai, mochas, or straight up coffee, the preferences of individuals determine what the industries will market. The pie chart indicates which hot beverage
is most popular among SLV students this winter.Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 1.57.14 PM.png

According to the results, which shows data from 172 of the 729 students, 25.6% of students like hot cocoa best, followed by 17.4% who like tea best, 15.7% who like chai, 14.5% who like mocha, 14.5% who like coffee, and 12.2% who prefer other beverages most; some of the responses for other favorite hot beverages include: hot cider, dirty-chai, and hot bubble tea.

Hot cocoa is a slightly surprising winner, because it is looked at as a favorite for younger children. Coffee is typically viewed at as a more grown-up drink, being naturally bitter and more versatile. Hot cocoa is sweeter, and brings people back to their childhood, where people had much less to worry about. Maybe that’s why it won.

By Hannah Zolezzi

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