SLV Mountain Biking team rolls forward

The San Lorenzo Valley Mountain Biking team is getting better and better with each practice. The beginning of the season is getting closer as well, which starts in late February. Throughout the season they hope to go as far as possible, to try their hardest, and to have fun.

The Mountain Biking team is a little different from the other teams in the school because they combine with other schools. The team has players from San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley, and Santa Cruz. While other sports are competing with the other schools and making rivalries, this sport is working together with them.

The team consists of all grade levels but they still have great chemistry. They all work together and are friends off and on the course. When asked about the team, Xan Daven-Thomas said, “The team has great chemistry, we are all friends and we strive to push each other further.” They do exercises to gain trust in one anot

Photo: Jakeh Hall

her and get to know each other better, such as when they went to Mount Hermon as a team. You have to be able to trust your team and know they will try their hardest and that is what the coaches and players want.


The way the team gets better and is able to go far is because of the coaches. They push them to be better people and players. The team’s coach is Graham Dittman, he knows a lot about the sport and also bikes himself. He is considered a great coach to all the players. He pushes them in every way from riding techniques to just being a better rider, but for the good of them. When asked about his coaches Xan Daven-Thomas said, “I love my coaches, they are good riders, better people and they help each team member improve in every aspect of life.” The whole team is very appreciative of the coaches.

The coach, as well as the players, want them to be the best they can be. When asked about what they expect from their team Coach Dittman said, “I expect  them to show up, do the best they can, have fun, and have good sportsmanship.” The team also has a goal, which is to do the best they can, to see the potential in themselves, and get as far as possible,  they are striving to complete their goals of the season.

By Mira Warner

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