Boys Soccer is pushing hard in their 2016-2017 season

Everyone around the world loves soccer more than any other sport, and SLVHS makes sure to be involved with it. Many boys and girls enjoy running back and forth on a big field kicking the ball. For our school, although it might not be one of our most highlighted sports, is still important to recognize. For our boys teams Varsity and Junior Varsity practice has been tough and good exercise.

Photo by: Maria Antonieta Viteri

Soccer, or “football” as it is known everywhere else, requires a great deal of skill to be good but is easy to get into. Younger kids start very early because it is a simple game. One of the players on the team Sophomore Henry Vallderuten has been playing for a long time and prides himself on his game.

The biggest thing about soccer is that most people either love it or hate it. Some people even claim that it isn’t even a sport, which is the biggest lie. How could it not be? It involves a ball and scoring just like any other.

By: Joshua Forst

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