J.V. Boys Basketball begins league play ready to take on SCCAL rivals

J.V boys basketball gets ready to take on rivals in league. J.V boys basketball is kicking off league with coach Damien Moore leading the charge. The team is headed into a few tough games, and a rivalry game against Scotts Valley. The team is  looking pretty good so far. In the words of Sophomore, Garrett Fisher, “We are looking pretty good so far, and are working together as a team well.” The team has a fair share of wins in the pre season. The the team has a loss against St. francis in league, but has only played one game in league so far, they will have plenty of time to work out some glitches.

The team is led by Head Coach Damien Moore, Assistant Coach Mel, and Captains: Ty Martinez, and Stevie Markey. Although there are only two captains and two coaches, there is plenty of leadership on the team. The team consists entirely of sophomores with the exception of: Seamus McMillan, R.J Kindred, and Steven Dowdy. The three Freshmen were pulled up to help strengthen the team.

They have played a handful of preseason games, and have done alright. The boys are hoping to do very well in league, and beat some long time rivals. They have upcoming games against Harbor, Aptos and Scotts Valley. The team plays Harbor on January 10th, Aptos on January 12th, and Scott’s Valley on January 17th. All the players are optimistic about their chances in league. Seamus McMillan says, “I think we will do pretty well in league. We have a lot of really good shooters, and a lot of good defenders, and our coaches are preparing us very well.” Jacob Lion, who also comments on their season, says, “I believe we have a solid chance to do well in league, and beat some of our rivals.”

It will be an uphill climb for the team in league. The other teams are doing well, and have more depth than SLV because they have larger schools and basketball programs. SLV is hoping to stay injury free. They have already lost starting Small forward Reese Castagna due to a broken wrist. Overall the team is doing alright so far, but hopes to improve and do well in league against their opponents.

By Gabriel S. Michaud

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