JV Volleyball had a wonderful season

As the volleyball season wraps up, the SLV Junior Varsity team finishes the season not the way they would hope to. Finishing the season with a 4-16 record is not necessarily the best way to end.

A struggling San Lorenzo Valley volleyball program, which had only one Senior on Varsity, had to move most of the Sophomores up to Varsity just to be able to have a team. That left the JV team with mostly Freshmen when they were playing against teams that were mainly Sophomores. Additionally, their team was hit with an illness causing them to lose one of their best players. Cami Johnson became sick during the season and had to go into the hospital. This prompted her to miss almost the entire season.screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-1-34-34-pm

The JV volleyball team featured a first time high school coach, Kasia Gniewosz. Gniewosz was a former SLV volleyball player in high school and coached the SLV Middle School Boys team last season. “She was very helpful and she taught us a lot about the game and she was very nice,” Annalisa Sherrell reflected on her coach.

Annalisa Sherrell, the Sophomore Captain for the JV team, stated that she had seen a lot of improvement over the season despite what their record said: “I felt like we played really well together.” This is essential because for JV, all that matters is that the players have fun and learn new things about the sport they are playing.

Both Volleyball teams faced a difficult season but persevered and always found the positivity they needed.

By Seamus McMillan

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