Girls JV Waterpolo commends themselves on a season hard-fought

It was October 29th at Aptos High School against Santa Cruz High School. The stands were filled with people who were cheering and supporting the SLV Girls Water Polo team’s potentially last game. Boths teams played well and kept each other trying their hardest. Throughout the game, SLV had three overtimes and wouldn’t stop fighting. The game was a nail bitter. SLV lost the game in the sudden-death overtime, but overall had an amazing season.Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 2.16.03 PM.png

The whole Varsity team was hoping that they would make it to CCS, but they sadly didn’t this year. Their goal was to improve and to win games, which they did well. When asked about their goals, Senior Alexis Johnson said, “I just really want beat Aptos, that would be great.” Although they didn’t win, the girls did a really good job getting third place in league even after being pulled up into the higher and better league.

Since the team is made up of thirteen seniors, it will be very different next year. Many long-time players will be gone, but new people will come up to Varsity. Besides many players leaving, the team’s longtime coach is retiring this year. Wally Brondstatter has been coaching for the past thirteen years and finally decided this year was the last. He is known for being an outstanding coach to everyone he teaches and an overall great person. He keeps everyone motivated to keep trying and not to give up. When asked about her coach, Johnson said, “He had a really big impact on my life, whether it was in the pool or out of it, he was always there and a great guy.” He made sure they tried hard, worked hard, and competed, while still having fun. He is a huge part of the water polo team and will be missed.

For the JV team it is has been different. With mostly Freshmen on the team, they have had to learn how to work together and while still learning the game. Freshman Chiara Chatfield said, “We are close as a team and have to think positive and cheer each other on.”

The Freshmen were put into a higher league this year and placed seventh, but for having such a big team, they did really well. Their coaches, Kurt Edwards and Mark Ayers, helped a lot and throughout the season, they began to pay better. They are all happy they have their coaches to teach them and continue to push them harder.

Both Girls Water Polo teams had successful seasons full of hard work, effort, and fun memories.

By Mira Warner

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