With a new coach for the JV Girls Soccer team, who played at SLVHS, will the team go to SCCAL?

With a new coach for the JV Girls Soccer team, who played at SLVHS, will the team go to SCCAL?

The team is hoping to win a lot of games with their new coach, Marley Amos. She went to SLV and was on Varsity for all four years for the soccer team. She wants to see the team succeed, so she is pushing them and doing a lot of conditioning. When asked about this, Marley said, “I expect my team to work hard, have determination, never give up, and not get down on each other.” They are all trying their hardest in practices to get better so the season is good one.

Like every year, things change on the team, and not only is there a new coach, but the team is made up of mostly Freshmen. The Sophomores and Juniors are working together well, but the Freshmen have to go out more and learn how to work together with everyone. Sophomore Maycie Parmenter said, “The team chemistry does need a little work, some of the freshman are staying in their little group, but we all have to combine together, it is getting better.”

This year on the team, there are some players who are new to soccer and do not know the game as well as others. The girls who know more are making sure to go help everyone and are helping them to understand the sport better. They want them to understand everything so they can use it in the games. When asked about the players helping, Freshman Mia Torres said, “It’s great that the girls are helping them out and making sure they know how to do it.”

The team’s first game is November 30th and with all the practicing they have been doing, they are excited. They can’t wait to see how the season will turnout. Last year, they did really well in preseason and not as well in regular season, but this year they are hoping they will improve. Parmenter said, “We are already improving quite a bit and our desire is to win a lot.”

Their goal is to be better players and people compared to the beginning of the season. They also want to win, but have a good time. The girls think it is important to go hard and be serious, but then again, they make sure they are enjoying their team and themselves. They try to make it fun in the practices and have a good time while playing the game. “I want them to know that it is okay to have fun, but they also have to know when it has to become serious,” said Marlee. They are hoping with new coach and  practicing hard, they will reach their goal and attend SCCAL.

By Mira Warner

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