Where did Christmas originate?

Where did Christmas come from? Christmas’s origin is the Christian Bible. On December 25, in 4 B.C., Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary and God, although John was Mary’s husband. Christ was born in Bethlehem, and accordingunknown to the story,  three wise men traveled to give gifts to the son of God.

Christmas, as the birth of Jesus, is celebrated all over the world. As the Western Catholic Church decided, Jesus was born on December 25, though his birth was likely in the spring, as shepherds were sleeping in the fields and watching over their flocks of sheep at the time of Christ’s birth

As of today, Christmas is widely celebrated by most people, whether they’re religious or not. The season of Christmas is looked at as a time of giving, joy, and “Christmas spirit”. The Christmas spirit is regarded as giving to others that don’t have much. Charities receive high numbers of donations, and people enjoy time with friends.

For some, Christmas might be hallmark fluff and nothing more. For others, Christmas is where girls and boys go to the mall to sit on the Santa’s lap and tell him what they want. People go caroling in the streets, walking from door to door. Special coffees and other seasonal drinks appear in local to chain coffee shops alike, filling people’s bellies with steaming peppermint hot cocoa or mochas.

The magic behind Christmas is defined by the person; Frank Sinatra playing, decorating a Christmas tree, and holiday lights casting a warm, yellow glow across falling snow may be heaven-like to some, while others merely see it as a warning of upcoming family time.

For those who do find the Christmas season to be truly magical, the idea of little children writing wish lists to Santa with pure, unadulterated smiles, and setting out milk and cookies for Santa may bring an instant smile to their face. Luckily for those, Christmas is almost here.

By Hannah Zolezzi

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