The future looks bright for Varsity women’s soccer

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”- Edson Arantes do Nascimento.

Varsity Girls Soccer team have been practicing hard with conditioning and fitness. Their season is approaching quickly and because of that, they are practicing a lot and trying to improve. Everyone on the team is trying hard and pushing themselves so they can hopefully win lots of games throughout the season.

The team is mostly the same as last year, with some added and some missing. With new players on the team, everyone has to adjust to it and learn how to work together. Freshman Emily Staats said “It was a little hard working together in the beginning, but we all quickly came together and it already is a lot better.” All the older players make sure that the younger players understand it and give them tips.

Their coach is Kellen Coffis, a lifelong soccer player who has been coaching for a long time now. He went to and played soccer at SLV. After graduating high school he played at Cabrillo and at Notre Dame de Namur University. He offers a lot as a coach and he because played here, he has an idea of what the program has or what it needs. He really pushes them to be better and supports them. When asked about her coach, Annie Stivala said, “He is a great coach and he really drives us to get better and stronger.” He is doing a lot of conditioning, ball skills, fitness, and running, but he is doing that for the players so they can get better. When asked about what he expects from his team, Kellen said, “I wants my players to have willingness and a desire to learn and improve. I expect that we give ourselves the best chance to win everyday.”

Every team wants to win and go far in the season, but it is not the only goal. The team makes sure to enjoy the game and their practices. Of course, they have to be serious or they will not get anywhere, but it should not only be about that. The coach wants them to have fun in the sport. “He is a funny guy and always makes sure to keep the practices fun,” said Sophomore Rebecca Vernazza. The team knows when to go hard, but also when it is okay to have fun.

Though the season just started, the team wanted to make sure to have a goal and to try and follow it. Their goal is to try their hardest as individuals and to give it their all as a team. They also want to win, hopefully try to get top three in SCCAL, and then go on to CCS. With everything they have been doing in practices and how fast they are developing as a team, it will hopefully show through in games and they can reach their goal.

By Mira Warner

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