The 4 seniors that are hoping to make their final season at SLV a strong one as they start the new year

This year’s Varsity Basketball team is left with only four senior. Those four seniors are hoping to make their final season at SLV a strong one. The team is led by Seniors Maddy Johnson, Lexi Johnson, Kenedi Kraten, and Bella Castagna, and the rest of the players are underclassmen. The team practices Monday through Saturday up until games start. Three out of the four seniors have played basketball all four years at SLV.Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.32.42 PM

Freshman Varsity player Kiana Gilbert says, “practices consist of mostly shooting,” which is a good workout for the players. Gilbert also says that all Seniors are very supportive of one another, and very nice. This makes them strong role models and leaders going into this season.

The Varsity’s first game of the year will be December 1st against the Pacific Collegiate Pumas at SLV. The team is well-prepared and they are getting stronger every day. The team has 18 scheduled regular season games and two tournaments. The coach of the the team is Andrea Trader Bytheway. Gilbert describes her as “super positive, and always helping us to realize and achieve our best.”

By Madison Reger

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