Many Americans still cannot deal with Trump

With the Donald J. Trump being elected to president, there has been some tension – and some protests. These protests have appeared nationwide: Berkeley, New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle are just a few locations. Most of these protests are violent.screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-2-15-54-pm
Among the protests, school walkouts have been the most common. In Seattle, about 5,000 kids from 20 schools participated in a walk out. Most of these students are protesting because they do not like Trump’s views and thoughts on immigration, the LGBTQ community, and human rights. Here in the Bay Area, there has been many protests. In Berkeley, 1,500 students of Berkeley High School walked out in protest of Trumps presidency. Berkeleyside, a local news site stated that the students were chanting, “He’s not our president, he’s not our president!”  The Berkeley High School students feel that Trump does not represent them and they are all mad.  

Besides the school walkouts, there have been other major protests. Many of these are peaceful, but there has been some violence. In Portland, Oregon, a man was shot crossing a bridge by a suspect who got out of a vehicle and confronted him. This particular protest was not peaceful. The people of the protest were throwing objects at cops and the cops then responded with pepper spray and stun grenades.

These protests have been popping up all over the country. In Denver, Colorado protesters shut down Interstate 25. Here in the Bay Area, specifically Oakland, dumpsters were lit on fire,  2 local businesses had their windows broken, and 7 people were arrested; one of them was arrested for being in possession of Molotov cocktails. In San Francisco, hundreds of people marched down Market Street after meeting at the Civic Center. The San Francisco protests were peaceful. The SF Gate stated that the protesters were shouting, “Donald Trump says ‘go back,’ we say ‘fight back.’” There were no reported arrests in the San Francisco protests.

As for Santa Cruz and other immediate surroundings, there have been few protests. In Santa Cruz, thousands of people gathered on the UC Santa Cruz campus. The KION news channel reports that students and others were chanting, “Not Trump, not my president,” on Pacific Avenue. Overall people are scared of the President-Elect Donald Trump’s views on immigration, deportation, and equal rights.

By Nathan Moore

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