Coach Wally wins the Gold Whistle Award

On November 16th, students, parents, and family came together to watch Coach Wally be given the Golden Whistle Award. KSBW news visited San Lorenzo Valley High School to give the award to the girl’s Varsity water polo coach, Wally Brondstatter. The Golden Whistle Award is given to a coach who has had a major impact on his or her school and students.screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-1-39-16-pm

Coaches are nominated for this prestigious award by players, parents, and school staff. Winning this award shows how good of a coach Wally is. After one’s parents, a coach can be one of the most inspirational, motivational and transformational people in a young person’s life. KSBW’s Golden Whistle Award is presented by Taylor Farms in cooperation with Transformational Coaches of Monterey County and the Central Coast Section of California Interscholastic Federation. Wally has been coaching for over a decade and is retiring this year. He received a great number of nominations from his athletes and their parents hoping to get him recognized. 

After the last Cougar Varsity water polo game, Wally had all the girls in a huddle, and was trying to say how much they meant to him, how much he has enjoyed coaching these incredible young women, and how much he was going to miss them. Everyone, including Wally, was so emotional they could hardly speak. Everyone knew this was his last game, and the girls played their hearts out for him, and it showed. Wally has built the school an incredible water polo program and has put San Lorenzo Valley High on the map for this sport. He has left a lasting impression for years to come — one that many girls planning to play water polo will benefit from. He will be missed by parents, players, school staff, and friends. Wally is one of a kind!

By Kenna Carney

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