“And Then There Was One” Directors Abby Halper and Aaron McKay

“My mother always told me to try every part of what you love.”

Senior Aaron McKay is co-directing “And Then There Was One,” one of the two student directed shows taking place this spring. He has participated in almost every aspect of theater. He has taken part in over thirty shows throughout his life, ten of which he worked as crew or tech.screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-1-07-11-pm

Although he has almost no previous experience directing, McKay has seen it all from the other side and is eager to put his lifelong knowledge of theater to the test. In McKay’s years at SLVHS, he has participated in every show that has been put on since freshmen year, aside from “Crazy For You” last year.

McKay does not consider himself to be an outstanding student, but his efficient and hardworking qualities keep him on top of his school work. He plans on attending either Johnson and Wales University in Miami or Southern Oregon University in Ashland. He plans to get a degree in hospitality management, which will lead to him pursuing his life working at Disneyland.

Although McKay does not plan on pursuing theater as a career, he would like to stay involved if an opportunity presents itself. “Theater has been passed down in my family for generations and I have loved to follow in their footsteps,” says McKay.

After participating in almost all aspects of theater throughout her life, Abby Halper decided to take her theater experience to the next level.

Abby Halper, a senior, is the other co-director. Halper has participated in theater since the age of eight. She has taken part in six shows with LPRT (Little People’s Repertory Theatre), one show at SLVMS, and a substantial seven shows in her time at SLVHS. In addition to her on stage experiences, Halper worked closely with the student director of last year’s show as a stage manager, and is currently taking part in her third year of a Drama class.

Aside from being sound and light operator, Abby has experienced just about every other aspect of theater in her years at SLVHS. Although she does not have large amounts of experience in directing, she took her first step into the process when she directed one of the ten minute plays the Drama class performed earlier this year. Abby is very excited to take on the challenge that this role has to offer. “I haven’t ever done something on this scale, and I’m really looking forward to it,” she says.

After high school, Abby is planning on either attending a private college in Oakland or attending Cabrillo College. Staying local is important to her because she has always enjoyed what Santa Cruz and the Bay Area have to offer. She is considering pursuing the career of an elementary school teacher, while also studying theater and dance.

They hope everyone will come see the show because it has a very talented cast with a great group of directors.

By Tulsi Caroll

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