A Review of California’s 17 Props.

By the rights of the United States Constitution, all Americans have the right to vote, as well as freedom of speech, and these rights “shall not be infringed” upon. “We the people” have power. So what is your say in California’s 2016 Proposition Election?

unknownThis year, California has 17 propositions to ponder and vote on. Whatever the choice, everyone’s voice will be heard. Anyone’s vote could change California.

In schools all across California, there are two things many people, parents, and guardians, in particular, want to promote and suggest as propositions to vote on throughout the state. Every year, hundreds of thousands of infants are brought into California. Wouldn’t it be great if all of these adolescents could get an equal education to other children and have access to a safe learning environment? By voting yes on Prop 51, these are the kind of changes Californians will see. $9 billion will be raised each year to help with schools statewide. However, on the down side, money does not just appear. Taxes will be raised a little if the proposition passes and becomes a law. With this law set, everyone can rest assured that with a little tax raise, their children, as well as other children, can have a safe and secure learning environment that is closer to equal to that of even the wealthy children.

The second California Proposition supporting the school board is number 58. This prop suggests that schools could have English proficiency and multilingual education at all California schools. It is easier for public schools to teach English to English learners, whether monolingual, bilingual, or multilingual, since they will know each person’s level. Our English programs would teach students English as quickly as possible, so that they would have plenty of time to learn a second language or possibly even a third one. Living in a state like California, being at least bilingual is very helpful since there are so many different languages throughout the state. The more people know, the better off they will be.

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid program. The only people getting great health care are the ones who have the wealth to afford it. What about the people who can’t afford it? As more ideas arise to improve Medi-Cal, the program puts these ideas on the Proposition board. However, the program needs money, and where else to get it but taxes. So it comes down to paying more taxes, or getting only decent health care. Now, there are more solutions with California’s 2016 Proposition Election.

Proposition 52 suggests that the people of California vote for raised revenue bonds that would be used to create state savings. Raised revenue bonds would increase payment for hospital services so that low-income Californians could get good healthcare. Lastly, they would also provide grants to public hospitals. Prop 56 is about taxing on cigarette and tobacco purchases. All tobacco and nicotine product purchases will have a $2.87 tax, which will go right to tobacco use prevention and health care, mainly for tobacco related care and low-income families. This is to make sure that non-tobacco users don’t have to pay for those who made the mistake of becoming addicted to nicotine.

The next Proposition is Proposition 61. This statement opposes the pricing standards for prescription drug purchases. State agencies are prohibited from paying more than the least amount paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for the same exact drug. Martin Shkreli, “A very punchable, rich guy”, as many students at San Lorenzo Valley High School like to call him, is one of these leading the state drug agency. He was arrested after being indicted on federal charges of securities fraud.

The last medical proposition has to do with the legalization of marijuana. Prop 64 talks about legalizing the growth of marijuana for adults 21 of age or older. Non-medical marijuana businesses made by California would legalize marijuana growing and then tax the growing and selling of it. This will not only control marijuana use, but the profits will support billions of afterschool programs, job training, drug treatment, environmental protection, and law enforcement.

Lastly, possibly the most discussed California Proposition topic is banning the death penalty. Many people feel that the killing of other humans as payment for their crimes is a real felony and the wrong way to solve problems. Many would rather have these people locked up for life. No matter what, they will live out the rest of their lives behind bars. However, if people continue to murder and keep on getting imprisoned, prisons may start running out of prison cells. Also, the cost of keeping so many people alive would require raised taxes throughout California to pay it off. The time has come for people to decide and vote on how they would like California to be run.

If you will be 18 in time for the 2016 election, vote in California’s 2016 Proposition Election.

Jazz Khokhar

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