SLV Football Dreams of CCS

On Saturday October 22nd, the SLV Cougars stepped out onto the field against Scotts Valley to face off in a rivalry game with high tensions. There had been plenty of hype building up to the game, and both teams came to play. After a whole half of football, the game was locked in a 7-7 tie.screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-1-13-17-pm

In the second half of the game, the Cougars began to break down to the Scotts Valley offense. The Scotts Valley Falcons were able to punch in twenty-seven points in the second half against the Cougar’s seven points. The loss to Scotts Valley was a major setback for the program.  

SLV football is winding down their season, and looking forward to possibly playing in CCS playoff games. Overall, SLV has a record of 5 wins and 3 losses. After a disappointing loss against Scotts Valley, the team will have to pull together and win their next two league games in order to make CCS. In order for the program to make CCS playoffs, they will have to win against Santa Cruz and Aptos, two very formidable football programs. In the words of Senior Grayson Greco, “The loss against Scotts Valley is in the past now, all that is on my mind is beating Santa Cruz and Aptos.”

The loss against Scotts Valley was not only a loss in the sense of the record; the Cougars also lost to crucial senior starters. Senior Jack Gentry is out with a hurt shoulder, and Senior Marcus Khokhar is out with a concussion and a bad flu. In addition to the two hurt in the game, Senior Finley Chapman was out with a concussion, Senior Joe Oard with a broken shin, Senior Quinn Lydon with a high ankle sprain, and Sophomore Malakai Lawton with a broken thumb.

Overall, SLV football is lacking depth in many different areas. However, like Scott Poetzinger says, “Despite being bashed up, we definitely have a shot at making CCS. When our injured squad gets hyped and the team circles up around Joe I think we will come out to play, and kick butt against Santa Cruz.”

The next two opponents could prove a challenge to the Cougars. Santa Cruz is 4-4 overall, and 2-1 in league. Aptos is going to be a big challenge for the SLV Football program. Aptos is consistently a good team, and always a challenge for SLV. Aptos is currently 6-2 overall and 3-0 in league. Despite the injuries and the challenge ahead, SLV has a solid shot at their spot in CCS. As starting quarterback Tanner Murray says, “We definitely have a shot to make CCS if we win big against Santa Cruz, and pull through and win against Aptos.”

By Gabriel Michaud

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