Black Friday was not a Bust!

With last year’s Black Friday shopping totalling five billion dollars nationwide, and Cyber Monday totalling three billion, how much will be made this year? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days throughout the year, and, with last years sales at record highs, forecasts predict sales this year to be even higher.

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Since Black Friday’s origin in 1932, consumers have used it as the beginning of the holiday shopping season. However, since Cyber Monday’s conceptualization in 2005, it has grown as a major sales day as well, with over 60% of the sales of its older counterpart. As millions of shoppers prepare for the fiasco of Black Friday, many SLVHS students join them. Even more students join the online ranks for Cyber Monday. Jordan Yanowitz, a junior, says that he “loves the online sales, for a variety of items” each year. Major sales are often expected on sites such as Amazon, Steam, and a variety of other online shopping sources.

Cyber Monday’s popularity has grown immensely over the past several years. Many students have noticed this growth. Cody Noble, a sophomore, said “I remember first hearing about it when I was younger, now I actually can do stuff during it.” Many students use this day as a day to purchase gifts, or simply expand their wardrobe. During last years sales, popular brands such as Old Navy, or Gap, were holding entire warehouse sales of up to 75%. As these sales are become more common, students should be especially perceptive on November 28th, when these incredible sales roll around.

Black Friday has also had many sales that students can look for on November 25th. During last years sales, incredible deals were available for almost everyone. This is likely to repeat for the 84th Black Friday. Last year, Best Buy sold the Apple Ipad Mini 2 for as low as two hundred dollars, and Fitbits went as low as ninety dollars. With these incredible sales from last year, one can expect even lower sales this year.

While many companies have been holding one day sales, some have been extended to allow consumers to spread their shopping this season. Commercial forecasters have projected a variety of sales which will occur each day. Besides Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, Thanksgiving has been projected to hold many discounts as well. With huge sales on iPhones and other popular electronics expected, Thanksgiving may be a big day for shoppers as well this holiday season.

As many sales get pushed lower and lower, one may wonder why these sales get so low. The answer is simple: Capitalism. As companies lower their prices, other companies drive theirs lower, and lower, until companies are almost not making money anymore. This phenomenon has made this holiday an incredible start of the holiday shopping season for consumers all across the nation.

Benjordin Yanowitz

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