Will JV Football keep their undefeated record?

The JV football team has an outstanding record of 5-0-1. They won their first game at home against Balboa, tied against Homestead at Homestead, beat Kings Academy at Kings Academy, and then beat Cappuccino at Cappuccino. Now the Cougars are going into league. They will be going against Soquel, Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz, and Aptos. These games will be the toughest for the Cougars.maxresdefault

Henry Valderruten was asked about his season and how he will think it will go. Valderruten said, ¨My season is going well. I’m kicking well and I hope I can keep my streak of good games going. I personally really like my team and I also really like my coaches. All of them are really cool and funny, but also help me become a better player and a better person.” Henry discusses his year in general and the outlook of the future for the Cougars: “My experience is better than it was last year and I plan to continue playing football for the next two years of high school. How I think our team will do in league, I think we will do very good. Our hardest game will definitely be against Aptos. We’re really just gonna have to have really good practices and come out to the games playing our best and if we do that then we will win.¨

If the cougars think they can go undefeated in league, they will have to play their best.

By Christian Carney

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