Who is Katie Lamb?

For Katie, Cross Country has been a part of her life since middle school, and as she goes on from high school, it will likely continue for her. She, “hopes to continue the sport,” because it will always be apart of herScreen Shot 2016-11-01 at 1.05.04 PM.png

Katie followed in the footsteps of her older sister Emily when she decided to begin playing the sport. She loves that it is: “an individual sport where we work together to push and motivate each other.” There is something special about solo sports because the players must work hard mostly for themselves.

In the new season, Katie is the captain of the girls team. Katie describes this as, “the gift of responsibility,” which must be true, considering being a Senior.

Later in fall, the big break for the whole team is the State meet in Fresno, where schools around California come together to see who is best. In the past, San Lorenzo Valley has won many of these, but for the past few years they have been very close. Katie hopes to win it her last year: “By training throughout the summer we will continue to get better by the end of the year.”

Katie loves the views that come with Cross Country in the San Lorenzo Valley. The trees are always seen and the air feels soft and refreshing. Bouncing off the ground over roots and rocks, Katie runs through the forest enjoying every step of the way.

Katie thinks of herself as an average student. She is taking three AP’s this year which is quite the load. She takes AP’s, but rounds it out by playing sports and the piano. She enjoys volunteering around the valley and always looks for a challenge.

Overall, she says, “The team is young and the team will be better in a few years,” which means they have many other runners that are improving and will make for an exciting future. Katie will hopefully continue running, showing that  SLV has extremely talented athletes. Katie will continue to impress the world with her talents, even after High School, and hopefully in her future as well.

By Joshua Forst

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