Senior captain Jackson turner leading SLV Varsity Football to Victory

SLV Varsity Football is off to a solid start with Senior captain, Jackson Turner, leading the charge into league games. SLV is headed into league with an decent record of 3-2 which was from the pre-season. Jackson Turner is one of the Senior leaders of SLV Varsity Football and has played football for all four years he has been at the high school.screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-1-13-17-pm

Jackson started on J.V. and moved up to Varsity his Sophomore year, and is now a three year Varsity starter. Before high school, Jackson played two years of football in Pop Warner and PAL. “I’ve been playing football for years, after all it’s my favorite sport,” says Jackson. As of now, Jackson does not have any plans to play after high school, and is afraid this may be his last year of football. “This is probably my last season, and I’m real sad to see it go,” says Jackson Turner. Although Turner is one of the main captains, he leads the team along with Jack Gentry, Marcus Khokhar, Scott Poetzinger, Ryan Kinch, and Tanner Murray

The season is off to a good start. Although the team only went 3-2, all the games in the pre-season were against some pretty solid football programs. The team should do well going into league, especially with its first league game against Harbor. In the words of Jackson: “Aptos will be the hardest team we play this year, and Harbor will definitely be the easiest, we all know that”   

Jackson says Aptos will be the hardest game this season in league, and most of his teammates agree with him. The team does not have a great record against Aptos, but everyone’s is hoping to turn that trend around this year. “If we practice hard, put in work, and show up ready to play on that day, we’ll have a solid chance of winning,” Jackson says. “However, before we start worrying about Aptos, we have some other tough games to play, we have Scotts Valley, which is always a hard game.” Jackson has already been having a great season, and is sure the team will do well in league. He says, “The season is going pretty good, and will continue to go pretty good.”

Jackson enjoys working with his coaches and fellow teammates. He believes the team has good chemistry this year and will work well with each other. He says that is personal goal for this season is “to get another pick six.” Jackson’s main interest is football, and he is definitely a sports guy. Jackson enthusiastically says,“My main interests are just sports. Outside of football, I mostly like to play basketball, and work out a lot.”

Overall, Jackson is very involved within the school athletics. He is an excellent athlete on the football field. Jackson has made a huge impact on the team, and has been one of the key players for all three of his years on varsity. He will definitely be missed in these coming seasons.

By Gabriel Michaud 

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