Senior Amanda Rinnert recalls golf fondly

Senior Amanda Rinnert is looking to make her final year at SLV the best one yet, on the golf course and in the classroom. She is enjoying her final experiences as a Cougar.screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-12-52-10-pm

Rinnert has been playing golf ever since she was a little kid. She remembers playing with her dad, and just having a good time. “One of the best things about golf is the relaxing atmosphere,” says Rinnert. That’s one of the reasons why she started to play.  She is currently participating in her third season with the SLV girls golf team. Rinnert says “I love how golf is an individual sport, but yet you can rely so much on your teammates.” With that, Rinnert shows that the team has really bonded, which makes for a hopefully successful season ahead. She describes all the girls on the team as kind and encouraging. They are all there for one another and they all love having a good time.  Even though the girls golf team has not put up the best win record, they are all still improving, and Rinnert says it nice that they can improve solo while still maintaining the team atmosphere. The girls golf coach is Shane Sutliffe (Sutty) and Rinnert describes him as very knowledgeable: “He is a real goofball, but yet he knows what he is doing”.

So far this school year, Rinnert is looking forward to her last year as a highschooler. She will miss things such as her last homecoming spirit week, last homecoming dance, last winter formal, Prom, and all the end-of-the-year senior festivities. When asked what she was most excited for, Rinnert said, “mainly all the lasts.” So far this year, Rinnert says she has loved all the fun and exciting memories, and learned to thrive in stressful situations.

Rinnert will be enjoying her final year to its fullest, but after her senior year has closed, Rinnert has plans for her future. She is looking to go to a university in Texas and major in business administration. She is also looking to get on track to Pre-Law. She’s still undecided on whether she will continue to play golf. Overall, she’s most excited for the new memories she will make at college and being more independent. Rinnert’s future’s looking bright, and she will continue to enjoy her time here final moments here at SLV.

By Madison Reger

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