Player Profile on Zach Rose

Senior Zach Rose is wanting his last year at SLV to be the best one yet for water polo. He has been playing for the last three years, and being the only senior on the team, he has a big role. When asked about his experience on the team he said, “I really enjoyed working with my team and growing up with all of them.”

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-2-17-34-pmSince he has played for three years, he has been able to see his team improve, grow with them, and get better as his seasons went on. He still wants to get better though, and is always looking to improve and try to get the team to do their best to enhance their skills.

Many wonder why he plays that sport. Why did he choose that sport to play? Why does he like it? When asked, he gave a simple short answer: “I have always loved swimming.” The simplest answers explain everything; he just loved swimming and he thought that water polo would be a good and fun sport for him. He has loved it ever since he started playing.

Every season there is a game that pushes the players to their full capability and makes them try your hardest. Those games are definitely a challenge and for Rose, his most challenging game was against Christopher High School. “They know they had to play hard because they are a good team but when the game started they really put it into full gear” said Rose. Christopher’s water polo team really motivated the team to try their best and to keep their positivity even when their score was down .

Rose is a great player, but with great players, there are great coaches. Rose is very appreciative for his coach and what he has taught him. Without his coach he would not know the stuff he does and would not have the support he has now from his coach. When asked about his coach, Rose said, “He is an amazing coach. He’s doing a really good job at helping me improve and the team improve. He motivates us, and pushes us forward.”

Having a team that supports its teammates and helps them improve is very important. The Varsity Water polo team has that support that everyone needs. When someone is down or they made a wrong move, the team doesn’t dwell on it, but they pick each other up. Rose and his teammates have eachother’s backs through everything and Zach is happy that his team is like that. “Our team works together great, from growing up together and working with each other for so long, it’s easy to say we are a family” said Zach. As a captain, he is proud to see his team working together and getting along.

By Mira Warner

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