Girls Tennis Makes a Comeback at SLV

SLV hasn’t been known for its girls tennis program, but with new recruits and an excited Mira Lion, that might change. Mira started playing tennis in middle school, but never joined an actual team, recreational or competitive, until high school. Her experience with tennis has been simple: improving and having fun. She isn’t the onlyscreen-shot-2016-10-18-at-1-04-38-pm player improving: “A lot more people joined and it’s been pretty fun. We’re improving greatly.” said Mira.

The team is preparing for Aptos and Scotts Valley, the toughest teams they have to face, and then, ultimately, the SCCAL League Singles and Doubles in November. Mira thinks they can compete this year: “Mr. O’Brien is a really good coach and our team gets along really well. We want each other to improve.”

As for Mira, personally, she thinks her improvement has: “…gotten better since I’ve played against people who are better than me.” Her motivation for playing tennis is competition and her love of playing. Her personal goal is to just get better and strive to win. Lion’s least favorite thing is losing, and that’s just another piece of motivation. Being an athlete and a scholar is sometimes very difficult, but Mira says she’s doing well: ”Being busy helps me manage my time better.” Mira is taking AP Government, AP Literature, AP Spanish, Engineering Design, AP Physics, and online Calculus. Mira Lion and the girls tennis team seem to have a very bright future. As for plans for playing at the collegiate level, Mira has no interest: “I might play for fun.” Mira plans on going to college on the East Coast to study Biomedical Engineering. Surely, based on her drive in all areas, Mira will be successful.

By Braidan Lewis

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