Girls JV Volleyball is going strong at SLV

On September 13th, an extremely close game happened for the JV Girls Volleyball team. They were playing their rival, Scotts Valley. During the game, they kept up with each other; if one scored a point, the other team would right after. Everyone that was playing was making sure they didn’t get too far behind and they fought hard when they were down. At the end of the game, Scotts Valley made a nice play and led by one point. SLV tried their hardest to get caught in a tie again, but couldn’t, and Scotts Valley ended up getting one more point and winning with the score of 25-27.

The team is halfway through their league season and they have been fighting their way through games, trying their hardest in every one. They have had few problems in the beginning, mostly because it’s a new team and they had to learn how to work together, but they have gotten better. When asked about that issue, Hannah Gallagher said, “The communication is okay, but as the season got going it is getting a lot better.” The team captains make sure to keep the talk going and not get too quiet.

The team captains are Junior Lauren Lozier, Sophomore Annalisa Sherrell, and Freshman Hannah Gallagher. When asked about the captains, Freshman Mia Torres said, “They are great captains and always step up and get people motivated when needed.”

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-1-11-03-pmWith great captains, there must be a great coach. Kasia Gniewosz, who just recently graduated SLV last year and has played volleyball since fifth grade, is now the official JV coach. She is known as an amazing coach by all the players. Since she played for so long, she knows a lot about the game and can teach them what she knows. “She is doing a great job coaching us and teaching us about the game,” said Annalisa Sherrell.  She wants to make sure they respect her and other people. She has not only coached this team, but she has also coached the boys volleyball team last year and sixth grade volleyball. When asked why she wanted to coach, she said, “I have wanted too ever since I started playing, it’s mainly because I never want volleyball to be out of my life.” She also wants to coach because of love for children.

The team has done a good job with the games and over time, they have been getting better in all competitive aspects. Winning is not the most important thing to the girls because they want to continue to get better and have fun together. The girls want to improve themselves, their specialties, and learn more about the strategy of the game. The coach and the teammates are happy together as a team. The get along well and make sure to put their team positivity into their playing. Their team goal is to have fun, get better, and play the sport they all love. 

By Mira Warner

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