A player profile on Jenna Solomon

Jenna Solomon is the captain of the Girls Varsity Water Polo team. She is a good influence, awesome player, and a very nice person. She is always at practice, always trying her hardest in games, and is one of the best on the team.

Jenna has been playing water polo for five years. She first started when her best friend and Wally were telling her too. “The coaches love what they are doing and being around us,” she says. Her favorite time of playing Water Polo, she says was when they won the league championship against RLS.

 With a lot of new first-year varsity players, there was much to learn. Jenna says they started playing in Freshman year, and had to figure out how to play as a team and as friends. Jenna says that her team has been doing pretty well. Since they are in the upper league, they are against more traveling and advanced teams. “We really pushed ourselves to get to that level,” Jenna says. She says that the game against Santa Cruz High School was the hardest game. It was a last minute win or lose and Jenna says it was a “mental battle, physical game.” If the varsity team wins two of the next games, they will go to CCS. Jenna says, “let’s win and have some fun.” The team, Jenna says, has built such good relationships with one another. They are having great times and playing well.  

By Kenna Carney

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