Trick-or-Treating age limit

Trick or treating is a great way to celebrate an already enjoyable holiday, where one gets to search for the perfect halloween costume, go to strangers’ houses to get bags full of candy, go into haunted houses, or simply carve a pumpkin.screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-1-45-55-pm

But just how old is too old to trick or treat? Dressing up in costume and going to Halloween parties is something many people do when they get older, but the tradition of knocking on doors for free candy is mostly done by kids. Kids in the teenage years may begin to lose interest in trick-or-treating and decide to celebrate at a party or haunted house instead. Rather than go on their own candy hunt, they may accompany younger siblings or hand out sweets at home. Some communities limit trick-or-treating to kids 12 and younger, which can cause problems for those who look older. With many different options, but none quite resonating perfectly with all teenagers, SLV students had a variety of responses to the trick or treating question. Lillian Skelson, a 14 year old freshmen said, “You’re never too old to go trick or treating, because it’s all about having fun. Dressing up [and] getting free candy from complete strangers is awesome!” Natalie Gonzalez, a freshman, said, “I don’t think that people are too old to go trick or treating, because I know adults that do. Plus we shouldn’t be judged on… what we want to do. And it’s fun since we get to hang out with our friends and do whatever we want.”  Another SLV student, Mira Wichelmann, stated, “You’re never too old to go trick or treating, or dress up and go out to have fun with your friends…the candy is a bonus.” Lillian Garcia Johnson, a senior, said, “ In my opinion after about 15 you’re too old to go trick or treating because you are almost an adult and it’s kind of weird to go to a random person’s house for candy that they bought with their money. I don’t think you would like to buy candy for other people that could buy their own candy. I mean I know it can still be fun and I’m not saying you can’t dress up and enjoy the holiday, but I don’t think you should trick or treat.”

Trick or treating is supposed to be a fun opportunity to get free candy and walk around neighborhoods with your friends. Trick or treating is also a way to express oneself, and people won’t judge you for it. In sum, the majority of SLV students asked, agree that trick or treating is meant for all ages, whether you’re a senior in high school or a student in elementary school.

By Eve Cunningham

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