A lively and enjoyable homecoming creates lasting memories for all

From the first day of spirit week, Tie Dye Monday, to ten o’clock on Saturday night, the students at SLVHS showed mass amounts of Homecoming spirit.

Homecoming spirit week consisted of Tie Dye Monday, Tee Off Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Toga Thursday, and Red and Black Friday. The Homecoming game and dance were Saturday night.screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-1-06-32-pm

The students who appeared on Homecoming court were nominated by their fellow classmates. The Masters of Ceremony were Jenna Solomon and Adam Peters. The Homecoming Court consisted of the following students: Marina Newberry, Tanner Murray, Cassie Ackemann, Joe Oard, Sara Schoepp, Tyler Van Winkle, Aly Jurado, Jack Gentry, Lexi Johnson, Grayson Greco,  Maddy Johnson, and Michael Martinez. On Saturday, the winners of Homecoming Court were announced after the varsity football game. Tyler Van Winkle and Aly Jurado won king and queen, respectively.  Grayson Greco and Sara Schoepp were voted prince and princess.

Between all the spirit days and Homecoming rally on Friday,  the students were able to show lots of school spirit. There were five lip syncs: one from each of the classes, and one from the Homecoming Court. The lip syncs were judged and ranked by four judges, who concluded that the Senior Lip Sync took first, the Juniors took second place, the Sophomores earned third, and Freshmen finished in fourth. The Sophomore lip sync had several points taken from them because they used a song that was not from their time era. Freshman Ruth Main says, “I think pep rallies are fun and a good way to get students into school spirit. It’s also a way to get people more motivated in school. I especially thought it was funny when after Poetzingers speech about how the school is a family, we all booed each other’s lip syncs.”

The SLVHS Varsity Football team won the Homecoming game against Harbor. The final score for Varsity was 46-0. Harbor did not have a JV team, so the SLVHS JV team was split in order for them to play a scrimmage game against themselves. The JV players in white won 41-0 against the JV players in black. Upon watching, it was evident that the JV team members did not play their hardest in order to not injure their own teammates.

For those who just came from SLVMS, the Homecoming dance was very different from the dances that occurred at the middle school. The music choices and the security level were more evolved at the SLVHS Homecoming dance. The music choice for the Homecoming dance was more mature and uncensored. In middle school, the songs are censored and they would play more recent songs. More people attend Homecoming than the middle school dances and students from other schools were allowed to participate. When entering the Homecoming dance the guys had to get patted down and the girls had to get their purses checked. “I liked Homecoming better than the middle school dances because there was more dancing and the dance wasn’t so early at night,” stated Main.

Thanks to the students at SLVHS Homecoming 2016 was very spirited and lively. 

By Cheyanne Futch

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