SLV Club Day was a Success

With bated breath, students swarmed the Senior Lawn in hopes of being the first to reach the tables. Their feet reached the grass and they heaved a deep breath, enthusiastic about the arrival of the long awaited Club Day.unknown-1

In the past there has been a lack of clubs, due to students not quite ready to take on the responsibility. But this year’s Club day, which occurred on September 21st,  sparked lots of interest in the student body, due to so many options with the appearance of twenty-three clubs.

This year the Anime club hosted a bake sale and raffle, attracting attention several of the tables nearby. Anime Society meets Thursday in D5 during lunch, where they stream episodes of popular series, tastes test Japanese treats, and host fun game and raffles. The goal of Anime Society this year is to create a fun and relaxing environment available to anyone who wants to stop by.

Badminton Association had a small badminton tournament setup on the lawn during Club Day, open to anyone who wanted to play a couple rounds, in an attempt to attract more people. The Association’s goal is to bring more awareness to an underappreciated sport, as well as have open tournaments to those interested. They meet for practices and rallies every Tuesday at lunchtime, where they play upbeat music and welcome anyone who wants to play.

After coming to a halt halfway through the 2015-2016 school year, Marine Life Matters is rebooting its approach, displaying collections of sea oddities on Club day in an attempt to bring more people in. Bi-weekly Wednesday lunchtime meetings in D5 will be held to discuss beach cleanups plans, as well as how to take steps in caring for the environment.  

Making their debut is the Creative Writing Club, designed to help peers express their creativity through writing. The club’s activities spread from songwriting to poetry, to many other genres of writing, including both fiction and nonfiction. Co-founder Irie Hall stated, “We’re also looking to bring back a literary magazine and start an open-mic night for poets and singers.” There is also possibility in having club attendees participate in National Novel Writing Day. Creative Writing Club meets every Monday in room G1 during lunch.

Recently the GSA club has been growing in attendance with the rise of equality awareness. GSA is focused on talking about different genders, romantic and sexual identities, and how they’re all different. They also debate the pros and cons of queers being more visible in media, in their weekly Wednesday meetings.

Making its regular appearance, Interact club drew in a decent sized crowd. The club is focused on community service, including: volunteering at events, food banks, and cleanups. They’re also planning on hosting ‘drives,’ where the club members will collect school supplies to donate to a native reservation in Mexico. Their goal is to raise a few thousand dollars to go towards several international groups. They meet Tuesdays in room I-105.

Many singers are enthusiastic about the establishment of the Aca Cougars, our school’s very own acapella group. Avid readers are just as eager for the Book Club. Future Business Leaders of America just found a place here at SLVHS, giving students the opportunity to network with local businesses and find mentors. CSF, Fashion Club, Key Club, Makers Club, NCBI, NHS, Speech and Debate, Mock Trial, Surf Team, and Videogame Production are all interesting clubs that found a place here at our school.

Overall, Club Day was a huge success for both old and new clubs who were able to put their name out there and attract students willing to add extracurriculars to their schedule.

By Paris Obsidian

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