Varsity Girls Water Polo Starts Season with a lot of Potential

 With a brand new fall season beginning, the start of a new and competitive Girls Varsity Water Polo season begins. The Varsity girls have a large group of Seniors, one Junior, one Sophomore, and one Freshman. The competition grows rapidly and the girls work harder screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-1-34-41-pmand harder as the team takes a leap into not only a new season, but into a league that is up an entire leve. The first game they played was on August 30th against and at Soquel High School.

Kit Kelley, the goalie of the Girls Varsity Water Polo team says,It’s not going to be as easy as last year, but i think it will be better for the team.” Although the Varsity team lost their first game of the season, Kelley has confidence: “Once we get our groove on we will be a lot better. We are coming together as a team.

Girls water polo is not only a difficult and competitive challenging sport, but it is also a very fun sport. The comradery on the Girls Varsity team is very strong, friendly, and nice. They do team bonding activities, help each other and the Junior Varsity players. They not only practice water polo, but in the summer did dry land, training on the track and doing yoga.

The Girls Varsity team played a game against Carmel High School, which they won. They played Soquel and Santa Cruz High School. The girls played very well in all of these games. The girls expect a good season full of success and hard work.

By Kenna Carney

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