JV Water Polo Season Kicks It Off Strong!

School is back, which kicks off a new water polo season. The Junior Varsity water polo team is kicking off the new year with new players and different coach. A well-experienced coach, Matt (Camo) Troxel, has moved down to Junior Varsity to allow Aidan McCown a chance at the Varsity level. Camo decided to lower his responsibility because he needs more time for his kids. He has had his daughter, Merritt, on the pool deck watching practice.

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Camo seemed very excited about the new year. When asked how the season was going to go, he said, “Really well. Having a lot of guys allows us to work on a variety of things during practice.” There are many people on the team which makes for plenty of excitement. It is possible that water polo has been growing in the past couple of years.

When it comes to things the players need to work on Camo said,  “The kids need to practice the fundamentals, such as egg beater, passing, and fast swimming.” Egg beater is a technique on treading that helps one get their head out of the water which is important in water polo. Passing is a large part of the practices because teamwork depends on it.

One of the players on the team, Sophomore Jacob Lion, has been appointed team captain with Junior Maxwell Zinkievich. Jacob is “excited about the upcoming season,” which seems to be the overwhelming feeling for the entire team. Jacob enjoys water polo because, “it’s challenging and the teamwork is rewarding.”

As for the new Freshmen of the year, they are learning everything they need very quickly. Starting dry with the game, they have excelled very quickly. Camo is excited that they are picking it up so quickly. The future teams are looking better with new arrivals that really enjoy and take the game very seriously. Hopefully for years to come, SLV will have a strong team for the sport.

The year guarantees many new experiences for all the players who participate, which is the main reason that school sports exist. Those experiences will make any player a happy one. 

By Joshua Forst

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