Girls Tennis, O’Brien excited to start season

The Girls Tennis team is starting their season in good sp

Photo by Simone Sutton

irits. There is a total of 16 girls on team and the head coach is Matt O’brien. The team practices from 3:00- 4:30  every day after school at the Highlands Park tennis courts. This is because SLV doesn’t have completely functional tennis courts for the team to use. Also, for the same reason, all home matches for SLV will be played at Scotts Valley’s tennis courts. This team will never truly have a home game.

The team competes in matches. In tennis, a game must be won by 2 points. And if the score gets tied at 40 or deuce, the first player to get both game point and add-in point wins. Helen Schafer-Dews says she likes the range of ages on the team from Freshman to Seniors. She also likes how tennis is both an individual and team sport. She also says that Coach O’Brien does a ton of different drills and exercises to get the girls on the team prepared for the matches. As the team enters the start of the season, they are feeling very prepared and ready.

By Madison Reager

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