The battle for the best sandwich in the Valley; Masood’s, New Leaf tops

Turkey Club? Yum!

With lunch time at San Lorenzo Valley High being only 30 minutes long, food options may seem to be very limited; this month I explored where you could find the best sandwich, while still making it back in time for fifth or sixth period. To find this, I researched  restaurants I could drive to, order in, have the sandwich made by, and return within the brief 30 minutes. This limited me to Ben Lomond, Felton, and a small section of Scott’s Valley. I did not go to Castelli’s Deli because most people are already familiar with that as the primary alternative to school lunch. After much research, I reduced my search to five restaurants: Ben Lomond Market, Safeway, Togo’s, Masood’s, and New Leaf.screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-2-00-53-pm

My sandwich order was simple: Turkey Club, without mustard, mayonnaise, or anything besides the standard turkey, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and bacon.

Masood’s $7.00

As we walked into the small, cramped shop, me and my other sandwich connoisseurs (Tulsi Carroll, Aiden le Roux, Seamus McMillan, and Maddy McMillan) were hesitant before ordering in the back right corner. But after biting into the delicious, meaty sandwich, I exclaimed, “Wow! I did not expect that from such a small place!” Upon getting the sandwich, we were extraordinarily surprised. The sandwich had crispy bread, flavorful bacon and lots of meat; however, the tomato lacked flavor and texture. The cheese had little flavor, but the bacon, turkey, and lettuce made up for it all. Overall it was a delicious, large sandwich, and considering the price, it was a very, very pleasant surprise. 9/10.

Ben Lomond Market $6.49

After visiting Masood’s, we loved the spacious and quick speed of Ben Lomond Market. When we got the sandwich we were impressed by it’s size, due to the relatively low price. Although the sandwich did not come toasted, the lettuce and onions complementing the turkey made up for it. The sandwich was piled high with lots of veggies, but the bacon and turkey seemed to be lacking something that Masood’s had. Overall the large sandwich was more vegetable-based than meat-based, but for the price, it was satisfying. Besides being much less meaty than the previous sandwich, its size and ratio of ingredients made for a tasty, yet different sandwich that, according to Seamus McMillan, “paired well with a half gallon of milk.”  6/10.

Togo’s $7.29

Driving out to Togo’s, we were unsure about whether or not we could make it back in time, but their quick sandwich makers proved our fear untrue. The sandwich was delicious as well; we could taste its many delicious flavours. The sandwich had a lot of turkey, and was filled with lettuce, tomato, and onion, which was well proportioned. The bread was light and fluffy, while the bacon was heavy, balancing out both taste and texture. I found that this was a great overall sandwich, but it lacked the ability to fill me up as the others had. It was a delicious sandwich, but perhaps too light. 8/10

Safeway $6.48

Walking into the store, I did not know what to expect, but after ordering, I found the sandwich to be surprisingly tasty. Although the sandwich was grilled rather than toasted, the crispness of the bread turned out to be a good thing. The stringy provolone cheese really carried the sandwich to another level. While the bread tasted nice and had a good texture, I found it to be a bit overwhelming over the other elements of the sandwich. I would eat the sandwich without a doubt, but it could have been much better. I would only eat it if I didn’t have a better option. 6/10.

New Leaf $7.00

After receiving our final sandwich of our day, we could see the quality of the sandwich’s ingredients. The bread was chewy and satisfying. The tomato was incredibly crispy and ripe, the lettuce was delicious, and the cheese was extremely tasty. All of its elements were clearly higher quality than our other competitors. The size of the sandwich was also very large. Although the sandwich was a bit too tall for my liking, I immediately could tell the quality. Tasty ingredients made for a great sandwich that was only surpassed by Masood’s. 8/10.

After eating each sandwiches and thinking back, I am surprised to say that Masood’s had the best turkey club. For only $7.00 the sandwich was delightfully bacon-y, with flavorful ingredients. The sandwich tasted delightful, and I already crave another. Although they can be slow on making the sandwiches, the close distance makes it an easy choice for a delicious lunch. Enjoy!

By Benjamin Yanowitz

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