Expectations for High School

Are you a Freshman scared to start high school? Are you stressed whether you will do well, and get good grades? If you are, this article is just the thing for you! Many Freshmen have expressed their fear regarding beginning high school. Sarah Morley, a 14 year old Freshman said, “Leaving the middle school was hard. I felt super comfortable at the middle school campus. I loved all my teachers so much and I wasn’t really ready for the change. But now I’m getting far more used to it. I was worried I wouldn’t get to hang out with some of my friends as easily in high school because of how big the campus is, but everything is working out now and I’m super satisfied.” Mira Wichelmann, a 14 year old Freshman, said “Starting high school was stressful, since there’s so much pressure on these four years of life for us to find ourselves, meet new people, and connect more. I’m glad I knew that it’s not a negative thing to ask for help, because getting help from others is very useful if you’re falling behind, or just confused in general.”

Seniors have spoken on the issue of high school and how to be successful and enjoy one’s time. Sarah Prucha, a 17 year old Senior said, “Don’t be scared to ask a teacher for help in classes that you are struggling in. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay on top of your grades all throughout high school. Don’t be afraid to try something new, like joining a club, sport, or making new friends. It will make your high school experience a lot better if you try new things.” Sarah Stoner, a 17 year old Senior, said, “Take every opportunity that appears for you, because in the end you will only regret the chances you don’t take both in school and in life outside. Branch out of your normal social circles. High school is a good time to make connections with your community surrounding you. Stay on top of your studying and grades, because the years to truly fly by and you only get to experience this one time. Find ways to manage stress and anxiety that works for you, and practice it daily so as to keep yourself healthy and both mentally and physically.”   

Freshman will tend to be scared about entering high school, but as many Seniors have demonstrated, high school is a time for success and excitement. High school should not be feared, but appreciated and this incredible time should be taken advantage of.

By Eve Cunningham

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