Boys Tennis ends their season with a bang

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Photo: MVP Photography

The time on the court for the San Lorenzo Valley High School team has reached its end and the tennis players have enjoyed their time together both on and off the courts.

The team has fought to be successful this season and they believe that the challenges that they had to face brought the team closer together. Junior Max Stein said,“The season has been interesting. We’ve all been learning to adapt because of injuries, and sickness, and other outside influences, and I think the team has come together through these changes.”

Every season a team has that one moment, that one match, the one game that stands out above the rest. Senior Cooper Smith felt that the highlight match of the year was their match against Santa Cruz.

Cooper said, “The toughest match we played was against Santa Cruz, who had for a long time held the number one spot in the league.” From both their match against Santa Cruz, as well as the hard work that they all put in practice, Junior Brendan Dietrich felt that the entire team really came together and improved throughout the year. Dietrich said, “As the season has just ended I can definitely say that we have improved not just in tennis but we have all learned how to be a better leaders because much of our team were newcomers.”

The team not only says goodbye to the season and the tennis team of this year, but they say goodbye to long-term tennis coach Wayne Sandles, who is retiring with the end of the season after thirty years of coaching here at the high school. They say thank you and best of luck in the endeavors ahead for both the graduating players of the tennis team as well as Coach Sandles. The boys want to thank each other for the time they all have put into the season.

By Ian Blair

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