What are people thinking of this year’s prom? Find out!

With Prom quickly approaching this school year, many students are filled with joy and excitement while waiting for the greatly anticipated event. Some scramble to find the perfect attire while others scramble to ask their special someone to Prom with an unforgettable “promposal”. It serves as one of the last hurrahs before summer vacation, and the dresses, tuxes, and memories made on that night can last a lifetime.

For some, the night is a magical experience that they will never forget. Between the friends, the dinner, and the dance itself, the night can be unforgettable. Some choose to go to Prom with a date while others choose to go with a group of friends or alone. Miranda Robinson, a junior, believes that “It is totally fine to go to prom with a group of friends or alone instead of going with a date. Prom is your special night and it doesn’t matter who you go with. All that matters is your own personal happiness”

When asked if she was excited for Prom, Bailey Tregembo, a senior, replied with, “Why yes I am! I am excited because Prom has been something that I have been looking forward to since I was in elementary school and I am excited to see everyone I’ve grown up with in their dresses and tuxes.” Although Prom is only one night, many students look forward to the dance all year.

Some students have attended Prom multiple times, while others will be attending for the first time this year. Maura Boynton, a senior, stated that “Prom last year was a great experience for me and I am so excited for it this year!” Another student, Sydney Mongiello, a senior, said that “Prom is a fun way to dress up and be fancy. It is so much better than how we usually dress at school.” Finding the perfect dress or the perfect fitting tuxedo may take a long time; but it is worth it in the end.

Although Prom can be magical, it can also be extremely expensive. Bella Chapman, a senior, believes that “Prom is an important part of the high school experience. You don’t have to buy a 500$ dress or tuxedo to have a good time, what matters is the time spent with your  friends and the memories you make”. Although a beautiful designer dress or tuxedo can be tempting, just remember that you will have a wonderful time regardless of the cost of your outfit.

There is some controversy about prom being held on a Friday this year with no half day. Senior Adriano Odello thinks “First of all, I think it is gosh darn silly that prom will be held on a school day. People have sports practice and meets along with many other prior obligations on Fridays. On top off all that, if you miss school you cannot go to prom. So that means that people who want to get their hair and makeup done and get dinner or do other miscellaneous activities beforehand will have no time.”

On a happier note, Grayson Greco, a junior, thinks that Prom is the most magical night no matter what. He stated that “ Prom is the perfect night. You get to dress up fancy with your date and enjoy a romantic dinner and night of dancing. It is a great escape from all of the pressures of school and life. On the dance floor, nothing matters except for you and your special someone.”

According to Ethan Chambers, a senior, you should always treat your prom date and peers with respect on your special night. He stated, “Don’t forsake your Prom date. Be a gentlemen and smile and dance.” Many Seniors are patiently awaiting their last prom as a monumental ending point of their high school career.

Sonja Hedstrom stated that “I am really looking forward to Prom this year. I am excited to have a wonderful night with all of my peers to bring my high school career to a close.”

By Alissa Saylor

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