The upcoming films for 2016, and where the genres of films are currently heading

Now that 2015 is far behind us, it is time to look ahead and think about the upcoming movies of 2016. So far, 2016 is slated to be filled with remakes and sequels of previously successful films. Here are a number of the most anticipated movies coming out this year.

Superhero movies have continued to be popular, experiencing both commercial and critical  success – even with drastic changes and different approaches to plot and themes, as shown recently by Deadpool’s success. Superhero film are once again dominating the big screen from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

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Marvel has several movies already in the works for the next few years, so they will be in discussion for blockbuster movies to be made in the next few years. DC is attempting to rival Marvel’s success by releasing Batman v. Superman; both characters are huge fan favourites. They are also releasing Suicide Squad, which focuses on villains from the DC universe later this year. Overall, expect a whole lot more from superheros to super villains and everything in between.

Sequels are another category of movies that are expected to be wildly popular throughout this year. Zoolander 2 came out in February, but did not do very well critically or commercially during its initial release. Other sequel movies that are coming out in 2016 include Independence Day: Resurgence, Finding Dory and the Divergent Series’ Allegiant, just to name a few.

The issue with sequels is that they can be either hit or miss, but unfortunately for moviegoers, most sequels from blockbuster movies do not necessarily reflect or improve upon their originals. Some sequels simply follow up the storyline from the previous movie, but the argument can be made that some sequels are only made in order to capitalize on the predecessor’s financial success. If the studio is uninspired enough, then one can notice that a sequel has very similar plot threads to the original and no new ideas are presented. However, sequels have to potential to present a new storyline with new and diverse themes.

One movie category that is notorious for rehashed plots and taking ideas already presented, are remakes. Remakes, if done well, can improve upon an older movie or create its own twist or ideas that show some form of creativity. But remakes are rarely successful. Last year’s Poltergeist was an unnecessary remake that did not do well, financially or critically. So what was the reason for its reemergence?

These are questions that are continually asked by the public, but that the movie industry continues to ignore. Older movies such as Ben-Hur and The Magnificent Seven are currently being remade, most likely to bring attention back to the movies of the past. Ghostbusters has been remade replacing the original cast with an all female cast, but with a weak trailer and very high skepticism, it is difficult to see the movie appealing to a broad audience.

A few movie franchises are looking to present spinoffs which include Star Wars with Star Wars: Rogue One, and Harry Potter with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Due to the movie series’ popularity, it is likely that they will both be financial successes.

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It is difficult to determine the movies that will be up for Oscar nominations at this time of the year, so we will just have to see what’s in store for the upcoming films.

Despite the familiar faces and titles, 2016 is looking to be quite large year for movies. As previous years have shown, there is plenty of chance for smaller, independent movies to emerge into the public eye, and it can be satisfying to find a movie that is well made despite its budgetary limitations. No matter what genre movie you prefer, 2016 is bound to have movies that will make an impact on all of us.

By Mairo Kuntze

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