SLVHS freshman, Sophia Swift, reignites school’s the badminton club

In the past, Badminton Club used to be a fun and popular lunchtime activity for SLVHS students. The club was a light-hearted and stress relieving game; however, the club fell into inactivity for the past few years.

Recently, Freshman Sophia Swift showed a keen interest in Badminton, and has been working to revamp Badminton Club and start the school’s official Badminton Team.

Dozens of students showed excitement when they saw Badminton Club was going to be returning, and immediately signed up during the school’s second club day.

Although many are enthusiastic about the club, not many know about the struggle to make the vision of Badminton Team a reality.

“Badminton is an intense sport that requires agility and stamina, it’s definitely not the sport for everyone, but it is for these students,” says Badminton Club and Team President Sophia Swift.

Badminton is an Olympic sport, but it doesn’t receive enough recognition. Members and supporters of the Badminton team feel there should be a team to represent our school in competitions and tournaments.

SLVHS is looking forward to adding in this club and potential team sport as a permanent part of the school – allowing for future Badminton enthusiasts – like Swift – to participate in something they are passionate about.

This game inspires teamwork, competition, and a great deal of fun for SLVHS students who need somewhere where they can be themselves and have a great time doing so.

Badminton Club meets on O Days at lunch in the Gym, and will meet regularly after school if interest is shown.

Anyone is welcome to join  during their open hours, where they engage in games of badminton as a club. If you’re interested in joining either the team or club, please stop by during practice for more information, or email the club leader at

By Cat Shewfelt

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