SLVHS Choir: a valuable experience for all participants

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The melodic blend of each unique individuals voice: this is the essence of choir. It creates something uniquely beautiful with a group of diverse people. Choir also comes with the opportunity to perform an assortment of different music styles. Choir incorporates deeper understanding of the music world from the past and present. These are the very humble objectives of San Lorenzo Valley High School’s choir, which is handled and kept alive by Dan Lingenfelter.

SLVHS choir put on an enchanting Winter Concert. The SLVHS choir’s final concert was a collaboration with Scotts Valley’s High School’s choir and San Lorenzo Valley Middle School’s Choir, which is also directed by Dan Lingenfelter. During the final concert the SLVHS choir sang their best songs, “Air”, “Alleluia”, “My Wild Irish Rose”, “Joshua”, and “Masquerade.”

Senior Alissa Saylor, a current member of the SLVHS choir has been in choir for a total of three years. She expressed her appreciation for the class and her wonderful experience in the class this year. When asked about what accomplishment she was most proud of this year, Saylor expressed gratitude for winning an award at the Form Music Festival for a solo she performed. The upperclassman also enjoyed the Pop Concert near the beginning of the school year because of the song selection and the ability for choir to converse with band; this caused the two electives to collaborate on songs and go on trips together.

Saylor said a highlight of the class has been getting the opportunity to learn new songs and having an incredible teacher like Mr. Lingenfelter, who greatly supports her and other choir members. She also describes the choir members as hard working people who are dedicated to choir. Since the class is a year long elective, it requires at-home practice and in-class participation. Although the class requires these things Saylor said the class has been fun overall and she hasn’t had challenges in the class this year. She has mostly enjoyed her time making friends and forming deeper friendships with other choir members.

Regardless of the fun Saylor and other choir members may have in the class, many students are unaware of the class existing. Saylor says, “It would be great for SLV students to know that choir is super awesome and everyone should take it regardless of your experience with music!” With that said, choir has wonderful support financially and greater leadership under Mr. Lingenfelter, but she also expresses the hope for involving new members in order to create a larger sound. Saylor agreed that choir is not neglected by the school funding and staff, but goes unknown and neglected by students that attend San Lorenzo Valley High School.

The class may not be first on many people’s elective lists but choir is a wonderful opportunity for those who enjoy to work in large groups and have a passion for singing. Choir is a perfect place for making new friends, improving singing skills, and gaining the support from the amazing Dan Lingenfelter and other long time choir members.

By Tylia Lundberg

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