2016 election primaries: Trump and Clinton in lead for president

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Photo: http://www.donaldjtrump.com

According to recent poll data, Donald Trump is now 80% closer to becoming the next Republican candidate. He has won 80 percent of the votes needed to be the presidential candidate. Many local residents dislike Trump. Sophomore Lucy Archibald, for example, says, “He wouldn’t be a good president.”

Cruz was the runner up. Lucy’s opinion on him is that, “He could almost be worse than Trump.” However, this is irrelevant because Cruz left the race on May 3rd and John Kasich left on May 4th.

The Democrats have a tighter race. Currently, Clinton is in the lead. The main advantage she has is her extra thousand “Superdelegates.”

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Photo: http://www.hillaryclinton.com

Superdelegates are unpledged votes who can change sides after voting. They only exist on the Democratic side.

History and English teacher Steve Sofranko says, “I support Bernie Sanders for president. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen a presidential candidate with more apparent integrity than Sanders. He doesn’t seem to just say what he thinks voters want to hear, as do Clinton and Trump in my opinion, but has stayed steady and consistent in his message of campaign finance reform and Wall Street reform. He’s also a pacifist when it comes to foreign policy, and that’s my position. I believe that Clinton is very likely to get the US involved in another war.”

At first, when asked about who he prefers, Senior Michael Eshnaur said that, “It doesn’t matter.” But with more thought said, “I don’t like any of them, but Hillary is going to get the Democratic vote, but I don’t think she will win because Bernie has the young vote.” He also said that he thinks “the candidates are going to be Hillary and Trump. While I don’t like either of them, this race is the voice of the lesser evil.”

Many non-Trump Republicans are falling behind.  After they announced the Anti-Trump campaign, Trump’s poll ratings went up.

Trump continues to lead in Republican polls, partly because of his social media prowess. He is considered clear in his values and direct.

For most of the presidential race, Clinton has had about a 7% lead on Trump. However, in the last poll, Trump gained two points.

By Sean Dashiell

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