Swim and Dive teams start with a splash to their season

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Swimmers are on their starting blocks and the divers are in the air as the season begins with the blow of a whistle. The season started on the first of February and has already had a four meets and have their next meet on the 14th of April.

The Varsity Girls have done very well this season, starting off with a lot of skill and determination in the water. When asked about their season so far, Sophomore Sofea Cartelli said, “I really love my coaches who push us to just as far as we can go and they support us so much and are always making sure we do better than we thought we could before.” Sofea has been a swimmer and water polo player since her Freshman year under coach Sarah Cooper last year and Wally Brondstatter this year. Sofea enjoys the sport of swimming and is very excited to improve and do very well as an individual and a teammate.

The Varsity Boys have begun spring with a great attitude towards the upcoming season. Jared Rembao says, “I love my coaches, they are the most awesome people ever, they are just so cool, I love Camo, I love Wally, Wally is my favorite because, well, he is Wally… so… yeah.” Rembao has been a Varsity swimmer since last year as a Freshman learning under Matt “Camo” Troxell.

The Junior Varsity Girls have been having a blast with a very large team of girls. The coach, Sarah Cooper is helping the young team achieve great things. JV girl and Freshman, Ruby Sartain-Miller said, “It has been good, we have a lot of new swimmers who are doing really well, and Sarah, our main coach, had been really helpful with everyone’s technique.”

Junior Varsity Boys are being driven by not only their own interest in the sport, but also their coach Aidan McCown. The team is made up of 13 students. One student, Austin Piña, is having a blast this season, he expressed this when he said, “Swim is going pretty good and the team is great. Aidan is a pretty great coach who I like, is pretty funny and is very good at what he does. I like all of the other players on my team who all work very hard on all of our main sets.” Austin has been both a swimmer and polo player for both of his years of high school. He has learned under McCown for both sports and both years.

The dive team has also been enhancing their skills, leaping gracefully through the air into the water on a daily basis. With many new divers on the team there is a lot to be learned and developed.

Will Sutton, a first year diver as a sophomore, said, “Dive has been very fun and good and very entertaining too, I’ve really enjoyed it.” Diving is a very challenging sport that includes a lot of work before actually getting on the board and diving into the pool.

The various sports teams look forward to the coming season.

By Andy Wise

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