Senior Mitchell Kamau discusses soccer, academics, and social life at SLV

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Photo: Dan Coyro

Mitchell Kamau loves soccer. He is one of the Senior Captains on the 2016 San Lorenzo Valley Boys Soccer team. Kamau was named as one of the captains because to his soccer ability, sportsmanship and most importantly, because of  his kindness.

Kamau started playing soccer at the young age of six and his love of the sport hasn’t faltered since. Kamau attributes his love of the game to his older brothers who inspired him to get into the sport. Up to this point in his soccer career, his biggest highlight was going to Spain for a soccer tournament. Although his team didn’t place, the experience was amazing.

Through his years in soccer, Kamau has become a good role model for his teammates and the members of the Junior Varsity team. He has practiced hard and become a well rounded player, with the help of his current and former coaches and teammates. Memo Cardenas, the current Varsity Boys Soccer coach, has been a great role model for the team. He explains that his coach is fun and that he’s taught the team a lot: “Coach Cardenas taught me to keep my head up during games, no matter what. He keeps our hopes up!”

Kamau says, “It’s been a good year even though the outcomes on the field aren’t always in our favor. We really have a good team chemistry.” The team has stayed together through this seasons tough loses, and show up to practice and every game, playing hard each time they take the field.

Soccer is Kamau’s favorite sport and the only school sport he plays. Though it was hard for him to identify what he likes most about the sport, he said that he likes the teamwork aspect of the sport. Working to score goals through planned plays that he and his teammates work on during practice is very gratifying. He also likes the individual aspect of the sport. When asked what he dislikes about soccer, Kamau comically said that he disliked “all of the running that he and his team have endured through the years.”

“The hardest parts of managing school and soccer is time management. Then there is the tiredness after practice and games, and the possibility of injury in the sport is always a concern.” Kamau explains. Kamau has still managed to keep his grades up and has been able to keep both school and soccer balanced in his schedule.

Kamau said that his favorite thing about school is the social aspect. He has some really fun classes, including ASB (a big class at SLVHS that plans school events), math, and English, which he said is always a fun class with Mr. Poetzinger. Kamau’s hobbies include hanging out with friends, skateboarding, and spending time at the beach.

Kamau will soon be ending his high school soccer career at San Lorenzo Valley. While soccer is a big part of Kamau’s life, he won’t let it determine what college he goes to. But if given the chance, Kamau would like to continue playing soccer in his college years. Because of his passion for the game, Kamau will likely find a way to continue playing soccer, weather it is competitively or just for “kicks.”

By Courtney Carter

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