Varsity Girls Volleyball team experiences success halfway into the season

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Photo: MVP Photography

The taste of victory is sweet! Moving into the middle of the SCCAL Girls Volleyball season, the San Lorenzo Valley Cougars have been steadily improving. Both teams, Varsity and Junior Varsity, have been working hard all season and their hard work is beginning to paying off.

The Varsity team moved into the winner’s column on September 29th, when they captured their first victory of the season against league rival Harbor. The Cougars won the match in three straight sets (25-17, 26-24, 25-22). It was an absolutely amazing match and kept the fans on the edge of their seats the entire time. The crowd helped push the Cougars to victory and was ecstatic, loud, and pumped from start to finish.

Senior Alli Poore was one of many who played a key role in the Cougars victory.  During the team’s comeback in the third game, Poore had a run of killer serves that Harbor couldn’t answer. Herena Haile also served up some monster serves in the third game to help propel the Cougars to victory.

The inspired play from Seniors Alli Poore, Anna Morris, Kasia Gniewosz and Sydney Mongiello was too much for Harbor to handle. “Our seniors play hard in every game and inspire us (freshmen) to keep working so that can achieve our team goals,” said Freshman Kaelynn Gregory.

The younger players also helped the Cougars capture their first victory. Freshman Kaelynn Gregory and Audrey Bingham contributed to the victory as well. Kaelynn and Audrey had a great games at the net and each recorded several blocks. Senior Captain Alli Poore said, “The team worked really well together, even through the youth of the team.”

While the Varsity team was successful against Harbor, the Junior Varsity was out matched and came up short,but not because of a lack of effort. There were several great rallies that were eventually won by Harbor, but the play on from the Cougars was hard fought.

The match was lost on the passing game of the Cougars. “The season has been going okay. Every day is a step in the right direction,” said Coach Jacob Lindell. “Passing is our number one issue that we need to continue working on.” So far, the team is 2-6 on the season.

While the passing game was a bit of a struggle,there were several bright notes during the match. Freshman Christina Reason had a great serving game. She helped the Cougars by peeling off multiple winners, including a few aces in both games of the loss. Rebecca Vernazza, Lauren Lozier and Sydney Williams also played well.

As the season comes to a close for the Cougars, they look to end the season on a high note. To do so, they will need to rely on the team chemistry they have been building all season. No matter how many wins the team records in the end, they can all look back and be proud of the way they approached every game. In the end, “Ashley wants the girls to learn more about life through volleyball than just winning games,” said Senior Alli Poore.

By Courtney Carter


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