SLVHS Soccer teams continue seasons with new coaches and many wins

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Photo: Tami Detar

The 2015-2016 Soccer seasons are under way for the San Lorenzo Valley High School Cougars. All four teams have started well, each having early success on the pitch. New coaches and strong team leadership have helped propel each team towards victory. The Cougars are building and look forward to what lies ahead this year and in the years to come.

Girls Varsity soccer has made huge improvements from where they were last year. This years team is currently 3-3, and has already won more games than they did all of last year. Sophomore Jenna Francis has been one of the major impact players for the Cougars and has already scored 8 goals on the season, including a hat trick (3 goals) against Monterey High School.

This team meshes really well together and the girls are really enjoying playing together. Sophomore, Jillian Francis says, “The team has really great personalities and skill. We play well together and it shows on the field.” Jillian has a positive outlook on the 2016 season, stating that she “expects a great season.”

Kellen Coffis, in his first season with the Cougars, has made a huge impact on the team. He has really pushed the girls in a fun, but hard working way and has helped move them in the right direction. Coffis has found a way to make every practice fun and challenging for the girls. “Our team is thriving with him [Coach Coffis] as our coach.” Says sophomore Jillian Francis.

The Varsity Boys also have a new coach this year, Memo Cardenas, and also like the Girls Varsity team, are also off to a good start this season. At this point, the Cougars have a 2-3 overall record, overall. They’ve beaten Monte Vista Christian (6-2) and Pacific Collegiate (2-1).

Boys Varsity is led by Senior Captains, Blake Kuehl, Goalie and Midfielders, Mitchell Kamau and George Palau. In addition to the strong Senior leadership on the team, Coach Cardenas says, “Junior Andre Collen, who is just getting back from an injury, has been a great addition to the squad.”

The Junior Varsity Girls are off to a strong start (2-1-1) and are playing very well this season. So far, their best game was against Monterey High School (4-0). It is obvious to anyone watching that the team has very good chemistry. Two freshman, Jordan Kittle and Kristen Miller echoed each other’s statements. Miller says, “The team works well together and most of us have played together before.” Miller continues by saying, “And even if we haven’t, it feels like we have!”

The team is improving greatly with the help of their very soccer-smart coach, Caitlin Meadows. She is seen as a friend and a coach by many and is very kind with the team. Jordin Kittle says, “Coach Meadows knows a lot about soccer.” And when she says that, she’s definitely not wrong.

Junior Varsity Boys soccer is also off to a strong start in 2016. Their potential is exciting and is already showing this season. So far, they have outscored their opponents 17-2.  This is a strong team and they could go far this year.

“The team seems to work very well together and are very supporting towards one another.” Says freshman, Ross MacMillan. “There’s no arguments on this team. The chemistry on the team is really what makes this team great.”  MacMillan also credited Coach Henry Vallderuten as a major factor in the team’s early success.

By Courtney Carter

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