Senior Water Polo Captain Carly Zilge shares memories

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Photo: SLV Photography

Carly Zilge is an inspiring individual both on and off of the pool deck. Carly Zilge has played water polo for all four of her years here at San Lorenzo Valley High School and has done swimming for the last three. She is currently the Senior, Varsity captain on the girls team of water polo.

Carly has lead her Varsity water polo team through an undefeated season. When asked about the season so far, Zilge said: “Our season is going really well, we play every team twice, and we’ve played all of the teams at least once and we’re undefeated in league right now.” Zilge plays as a “trail” and as a “Whole Set” when in the water.

Zilge says, “We are undefeated and playing well, but we have to keep up our playing level or that will change, because there are teams that are really, really good and want to beat us, and I mean overall we are a great team, but we have things that we need to work on, such as passing and pressure passing.”

The Varsity girls have come far in the water and as a group of friends. They have done “team bonding” exercises such as the lip-sync and getting together to watch High School Musical. “We are probably going to do some more team bonding, but I would say that the lip-sync was a really good team bonding experience.”

After high school Carly would like to continue to stay in the water polo community as either a player or a coach, “Depending on what college I go to I have looked at playing club and I would love to maybe, if not play, maybe coach kids and continue water polo in some way, shape or form.” She said when asked about polo after her graduation. Zilge is interested in going to Boston College or Gettysburg College; however, she is also looking at colleges in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Zilge has developed some wisdom from her experiences over the past four years and has given some of her advice to the underclassmen: “My number one advice to underclassmen in high school is to take AP English your Junior year. That is the best class you can take to prepare you for college and to keep working hard.”

Carly Zilge has been a great student and athlete all throughout her schooling and intends to continue. Carly is a player to watch and will surely go far in the next stages of her life.

By Andy Wise

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