Senior Football Captain, Mikey La Capria discusses past and future plans

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Photo: Ian Blair

Varsity football captain Mikey La Capria is well into his senior year at San Lorenzo Valley High School, and the football season is now underway. Mikey shares some of his football and high school experience here at SLV.

Captain Mikey La Capria is feeling really good about the entire season so far, “The season is really looking great, I am really looking forward to my last year on the field, and seeing what happens.” Like every year, Mikey is striving for success this year. Mikey embraces the the responsibility that comes with being a part of SLV football, especially being a Captain. Mikey has very high aspirations for both of the teams as well as for himself, “My goals for the team this season is to have no regrets about the outcome of this season and just have everybody go all in. We of course have to beat Scotts Valley.” Mikey is not expecting any less from himself either. He strives to accomplish high feats as well, “ I want to be first- team all league.”

Along with everything that comes with senior year, the realization that everything is about to change comes and causes many to worry about what their future hold. For Mikey, these differences have not worried him in the slightest, “The athletic and social differences go together, this year is my last chance for football and just being with my friends and this makes everything much more special. I feel that there is not that much more pressure for anything this year.” When asked if he knows what he wants to do after high school, Mikey was quick to answer,  “I would like to attend a four-year college and study communications and business.”

Throughout high school, there are experiences that are continually shaping who we are becoming. When asked to reflect on his experience here at SLV, Mikey said: “Definitely hanging out with my teammates on the field and on the court, we have created a lot of memories there, all the fun activities we do at the high school.” Out of all the lessons Mikey was able to learn from his time here at the high school, he feels that, “The most important lesson that I have learned is that high school is a very short part of our lives. You can’t stress out about it, you just gotta have fun with it.” With change just around the corner, there is much about the school  that Mikey will miss the most “I will miss seeing all my friends when I am heading off to college.” Mikey was able to experience much  and has a lot of advice that he could pass on. His most important piece is: “Don’t get stressed out too easily and just try to have fun in high school cause it’s a very short time.”

By Ian Blair

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