Mairo Kuntze, a motivating and inspiring force on the track

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Photo: Wyatt Atchley

Mairo Kuntze is a senior who runs Cross Country and is the boy’s Varsity team Captain. Mairo has been running Cross Country for 3 years. Kuntze started out running track, but decided that there was room for improvement so he decided to step out of his comfort zone by going out for cross country his sophomore year. Mairo has been running for Cross Country ever since.

What Mairo loves most about Cross Country is his team. Mairo has enjoyed watching his team develop and grow, not just in strength, but also in numbers. He has seen many people come and go through Cross Country and as his season has ended, he comes back to reflect on his years of experience on the trails.  Mairo says: “The most fun I get out of it is engaging with my teammates and being their team captain.” His team is what drives and keeps him to run. It is obvious that he truly cares for his team as friends and peers. When considering the future, Mairo says: “I enjoy being in the company of my teammates, it’s something I could continue on past high school.”

Mairo plans to go to college but doesn’t have a particular college in mind. Mairo has taken under consideration going to Cabrillo Junior College and staying in the area. Mairo plans to run after high school but will probably only run as an independent athlete. Mairo is thinking of majoring in economics.

Mairo’s highlight experience of high school so far is “between Cross Country and hanging out with my friends. I’ve never had a stand out time, where it was the highlight, it’s just been the experience of high school itself. Some people take for granted the importance of this period of your life. You begin to experience what it’s like to interact with other people, go out of your comfort zone and try different things that you’ve never tried before.”

Mairo will miss his friends the most once he leaves for college. He says: “It’s going to be a bit difficult for me to find new people, but once I become more comfortable in my new college setting, it will be fine.” After four years of running for cross country and four years of hard schoolwork Mairo has learned a lot. Mairo’s advice to the students of SLV is: “Just try not to stress out too much, plan ahead, don’t set your goals too high because you don’t want to get let down.”

Mairo has had a great time hanging out with his team and watching his team grow in strength. But now he has ended his season as a league champion with his fellow teammates. That is a great way to end the season and high school Cross Country career.

By Wyatt Atchley

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