Maddy Cope, impressive scholar-athlete shares memories at SLV

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Photo: Ian Blair

With her senior year in full swing now, scholar-athlete, Maddy Cope has a lot to say about her experience here at SLV on and off the field. Maddy, a very positive person has a very optimistic outlook for her future and the experiences at hand.

The girls golf season is just beginning and Cope feels very confident about the season, “I feel pretty good about the season so far. We are all learning everyday and we are all getting better.” It seems that Cope is really looking forward to see how the season turns out, no matter what the outcome is, “I just hope to improve from the start of the year so that I can enjoy it more.” Along with her golf goals, she has goals off the field” “I hope to finish this year out strong, on a good note, in hopes to apply to a good college and get in. I have to continue to work hard if I want to make this a reality though.”

As the school year is in full stride now, there are different expectations from the seniors. When asked about how she feels about this year, Cope said, “There is a lot more pressure that comes with your senior year. It feels like you are expected to know everything about what your future is and what you want to do.”

High school is an important time where many worry about the responsibilities that will influence the following years of our lives. Senior year is when we finally find out where the next chapter of our lives will take place. Cope says: “I do not know where I want to go exactly for college, I do know that I want to major in psychology. Though I do not know the area in which I want to study in, I enjoy the study of the human mind and how it works.” She has success throughout her time at SLVHS with her time on Varsity softball, volleyball, and golf, as well, and in the classroom, taking AP classes in both her Junior and Senior years. Cope is a student from SLVHS that appears to be on the road to success right out of high school.

Cope to reflected on her high school experience: the memories, the lessons learned, and what advice she would give to others. When reminiscing on the memories of her time at SLV, Cope said she would miss a lot, but what stood out most to her was, “Out of all the memories I have created here at SLV, I feel that I will remember the beautiful campus and the friends I have created here,” From her experiences here at SLVHS, Cope has had the opportunity to learn and the lesson that Cope found most relatable and applicable was this, “I have learned that it is important to branch out and meet new people. Not being afraid of trying new things really leads to getting that true high school experience, and really be able to make memories with everyone.” Being a senior, the advice that Cope would pass on to others is, “I feel that it is important for people to learn to be able to participate in discussion in class. It really helps you retain the most from what you are learning. Also, do not be afraid to branch out to meet other people, you miss out on a lot if you keep yourself to just one group of people.”

It truly seems that Cope was able to get the most out of her high school experience. She says: “I will miss the closeness of the school the most.  With only around 750 students here, we all know each other or know of each other. So out of everything, I will miss the everybody knows everybody feel of the school.”

By Ian Blair

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