Come to SLVHS’s art show at Casa Nostra

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 1.15.19 PM.png
Photo: April Matin-Hansen

As January nears to an end, the upcoming AP and Art 2 art show is right around the corner. On February 23rd, the AP and Art 2 students will be presenting their “Extraordinary to the Ordinary” themed artwork in the restaurant Casa Nostra in Ben Lomond. With chalk pastels, the students will create their artwork for the upcoming show. The art show will be an exciting and experience gaining day, featuring the students best works created in the classroom. Lauren Stoops, a 10th grader, stated “I think the art show is going to be cool because it’s showing the classes work and how we as a class work.” Many faces in the class were animated at the mention of the art show, Lucy Archibald, in 10th grade, said “I’m excited, I’ve never really done such a formal show!”

By Emily Carlton

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