Boys and Girls Soccer Teams begin season with wins and positivity

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Photo: Maria Antonieta Viteri

As the referee blows the first whistle, the four San Lorenzo Valley soccer teams are ready to compete. The team’s seasons go from November to February. With the school’s new staffing change, the season is looking up to be a very competitive couple of months.

The SLV Varsity girls team has 15 very up-beat girls who are excited to be playing this season. The girls first game was on December 1st and the girls began the season with an 8-0 victory. Kellen Coffis, who used to coach at the middle school, has taken over as the Varsity girls head coach. When asked about her upcoming season on Varsity, Sophomore Caitlyn Wade said, “I’m really excited for our upcoming season and we actually have two teams! Our team is working really well together and we’ve a lot of very experienced players and Kellen has been a really great coach.”

The Varsity boys have started the season fighting to be the best. They played their first game on December 2nd where they lost with a score of 5-1. “Our team looks to be a pretty solid team and we have about 3 subs, as of November 19th and it looks as though we will be getting some more players from the ending football season.” Said SLVHS Sophomore and goalie, Blake Kuehl. The boys, are very excited to play for Memo Cardenas. Many of the boys have known or played under the new head of the Varsity boys team and are happy to be with him again.

The JV Girls team is made up of 10  enthusiastic girls. The girls started the season on the 15th of December against the Watsonville Wildcatz. The girls have a new coach who has, in the past coached for this school as well. The new JV girls coach is Caitlin Meadows. “I am very excited to be playing on this team during my first season of High School soccer.” Said Jordan Kittle, a freshman at SLVHS.

The Junior Varsity boys also hold a large portion of the school’s pride having impressive records in past years. Their season started on December 2nd. “Our new coach seems really interesting and I see some new skills developing with our field players and in our new goalie Scotty MacCool.” said SLVHS junior, Alex Araujo when asked about his season so far.

The season is looking to be an exciting one for everyone involved. You can look forward to an exciting 2015-16 season.

By Andy Wise

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