Water Polo teams prepare for season with dedication and hard work

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Photo: SLV Photography

SLVHS water polo is underway and going very well. The water polo team is consisting of 16 on Varsity girls, 14 on Varsity Boys, 24 on Junior Varsity girls, and 20 on JV boys. The water polo teams have played their first games and came out on top. The teams played the Alvarez Eagles and won all four games. They have many more to come and are expected to play very well.

Along with the physical demands of the games and tournaments, the practices are equally demanding. “Ladders are the best part of my week!” said Aiden Le Roux, one of three sophomores on the Varsity boys water polo team. A “ladder” is a swim set where the team will swim from the wall to the halfway cone, back to the wall, to the other wall, once again to the halfway mark, and finally to the wall on the other side. The coaches, Matt “Camo” Troxell, Aiden McCown, Wally Brondstatter and Kurt Edwards, can be very intense when it comes to workouts but it pays off in the games.

The coaches are very appreciated by the players and parents, “Aiden McCown is a god and we appreciate him very much, he’s awesome! He helps with skills and Mike [Snyder] is great too!” stated JV boys captain, Jesse Berry. The Varsity boys also love their coach, “Camo, our varsity coach, is great,” Brodi Williams stated enthusiastically. “He has taught me a bunch in just the short amount of time that I have been with him!” The Varsity girls captain, Carly Zilge, chimes in about the great coaches, “Wally, is… Wally, I don’t know what else to say about that except that he is an amazing coach. He sometimes gets really really intense but I’ve learned a lot from him.” Sophomore Sofea Cartelli also agrees on the matter, “I love my coaches, Kurt Edwards and Mike Ayers. They are great people and Kurt in general is just a great human being. Mike as well.”

The Varsity team for both the boys and girls are off to great start in practices and are having a blast. Both Jordan Williams, varsity boys, and Carly Zilge, Varsity girls senior captain, agree that their teams could use some work in the team’s attitude. According to senior Jordan Williams, “If we would stop screwing around so much than our team could be far better.”

The Junior Varsity is also doing well and as stated by JV boys captain, Jesse Berry, “We are doing great and we love our coaching staff, they brought us to where we are today, and our team chemistry is great too! We all get along, it gets kinda weird in the locker room, but we all have got each others back no matter what.” The JV girls are also doing very well and according to Sofea Cartelli, “We could probably work on our passing, but our team has good vibes and seems to play well overall.”

Water polo looks to be off to a great start and all four teams are playing very well.

By Andy Wise

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